EMPOWER your self-defense. Real Japanese karate.


Bob Hollinger is an internationally renowned Self Defense Expert and 8th Degree Karate Black Belt who lived and trained Karate in Japan for 17 years. His professional self defense experience spans 40+ years. His presentations have covered the globe, including many seminars in Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, as well as 200+ presentations across the U.S.A.


Japanese Karate Classes

self-defense seminars

EMPOWER ME! presentation

It’s all of our worst fears. Someone leaps out from behind a tree. A corner. A car in a parking lot. A wooded or dark area of campus. Then in a threatening scowl, they demand our phone. Or purse. They try and grab us. Try to pull us into a van. What do we do? What should we do? In any case we will either FIGHT, RUN AWAY, or FREEZE. You can NOT FREEZE. Learn from a 40 year Self Defense Expert who LIVED AND TRAINED KARATE IN JAPAN FOR 17 YEARS. Everyone who hears Bob Hollinger speak will walk away a different, stronger, and MORE AWARE person. They will be EMPOWERED.


Toyama Karate Classes

Monday & Thursday @ 6:30 PM

All Students $50/mo.

Karate Uniforms ~$30

Cetronia Fire Hall
18 S Scenic Street
Allentown, PA

(610) – 737 – 3185